Some Free Apps Which Can Be Used To Convert PDFs On Smartphones And Tablets

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If you think about it, more and more people are now in possession of at least one smart device, be it a phone, a tablet, an iPod, and more. These devices are either glued to our hands, or they are either in our pockets. It is safe to say that they are on our person at most of the times during the day. Because of that, more and more people now use mobile devices to process digital documents since they have actually always seemed to have their own smartphone and probably tablets with them no matter what. Having a lot of different file formats will indeed mean that you will require many different apps to actually open and use these documents.


If we can actually bank on just one of the apps to convert and open the documents, it would be a good thing. PDF is indeed one of the best choices for a stable format which will allow you to read the text and will allow you to view the images as well. There are actually plenty of apps that you can use to view the PDF on all of your mobile devices. You may be thinking about what you can do about converting these files into PDF on the device itself, because we know that it is easy on desktops and laptops. That is why, I have listed out some apps that you can use for this purpose itself.

  • Able2extract PDF converter has always proven to be one of the best options which is available and is also free cross-platforms, and this one has been famous for being able to create PDFs from MS Office documents. It will also let you convert the PDF documents into PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents.
  • Simply named ‘File Converter’ has been known to be really great. It will convert most of your files on your smartphone and tablet without any hassle. The conversion will be done in a very secure cloud, and the converted files can also be downloaded. All of the formats that are supported will include video, documents, audio, images and many more. It is available on Android and iOS as well. Both platforms can really take advantage of this app.

  • To PDF is another amazing entry to this list which has been collectively loved by all those who have used it. This one is exclusively made for iOS and has been of great help. It will convert all kinds of files into iWork related files and also MS Office files and can be used after that. It will also convert them into PDFs.

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