The Best iPod Video Converting Apps

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The iPod is indeed one of the most portable media players that anyone has ever made over the last two decades. It has actually become more than just a music player. It has actually become a device where we can use to record videos, play music, download more music, browse the web, and more. It is actually one of the best devices to enter the market. It was actually introduced as a media player which was solely used for the purpose of listening to music. Back then, it did not have a screen. It slowly progressed to a device that has a small screen and then finally a couple of years ago, it got a screen the size of the iPhone 4S and then later the iPhone 5. These two had different screen sizes, both of which were well received by the general public who were actually anticipating the release of new Apple products. When you got an iPod, it would actually feel like you’ve got an iPhone without the calling feature because it could do almost everything an iPhone could do.


Since you are here, you are probably looking for ways to convert videos on your iPod. That is what I will be listing out in this guide, an entire list of video converter apps that you can get on the App Store. This list will make sure that you will get all of your converting done without any hassle at all.

  • iSkysoft iTransfer can convert and also transfer video onto your iPod. It has actually been developed, especially for iOS users, and it will also allow them to control the media and all of the content on their Apple devices. It has proven to be a very efficient offer when it comes to converting media. This software will also assist you in transferring and also managing the multimedia files on the iPod. It will convert HD content without any hiccups at all.



  • Xilisoft iPod video converter proves to be a very powerful tool when it comes to converting videos to iPod format. It is also very user-friendly, and the interface is interactive and easy to use as well.
  • Freez iPod video converter is actually a batch video converter which can quickly and also reliably converts many video files to an iPod friendly format. The software also allows you to set the output video size, bit-rate and quality as well.
  • iPod iMovie app is also a great option for doing these tasks smoothly.

These are some of the best options out there that will help you with whatever video work you need to get done with. They will fulfill all of your project work goals.


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